Streamline Website Feedback

Enhance your UI/UX bug reports with additional context. Incorporate images and videos to enrich your website design reviews. Use ShareWeb to generate annotated screenshots and video recordings with information developers require.

Create annotated screenshots in your browser.

Your Website UI issues nees a clear visual context. Use SiteShare to annotate your screenshot with lines, circles, and text.

Your browser version, window size, and website URL are automatically added to the screenshot. No need to manually add it.

Create annotated screenshots in your browser.

Record video in your browser.

UX issue is hard to explain in text or a single image. Record a video to show the issue in action.

You can choose to record a single tab or your entire browser window.

Collect critical information developers need.

Developers can see the JavaScript log and exceptions in your browser for the issue you submitted.

Network request can also be collected when you open Debugging mode. We do not collect the request body and response.

Most of the tools inject code to change the behavior of console and network request, but SiteShare doesn't do that. We just use the native Chrome Debugger.

Collect critical information developers need.

Boost your productivity today.

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